Thursday, February 18, 2010

Moms as family squabble refs... NOT!

One of the issues that parents of older children have to deal with is that their children are a "finished project". This can be problematic if others think that you still should be able to influence -- and indeed, should want to influence, your adult child. Take our family. We have a lot of sons. And three great daughters in law. But it can be tricky territory when your adult child's spouse figures that they need to tell us all the shortcomings of said adult child. Not only do I not want to know what's going on in their personal relationship (for the short term), unless there is some thing I can do-- comfort, help in some concrete way, etc. But intervening between partners in a marriage is not only uncomfortable, it's down right dangerous for your relationship with either your child or your son or daughter in law. I am becoming adept at saying "I think that this is not any of my business", and, "You really need to work this out with your husband.". But it's sure not any  fun.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Moving right along.... da da da da da dum....

I spent six weeks in California (left November 10th to go by Amtrak- got there November 14th) helping my son, daughter in law and our grandchildren move to a new apartment. It was a lot of work, but fun too. What a nice apartment they are in now. The old one had drug dealers around, and other horrendous problems. This place is lovely with a courtyard for the kids to play in, and an upstairs and a downstairs-- very much like a townhouse. I helped by packing boxes,  (I have to admit I didn't carry too many) I helped clean up the old apartment before turning the keys over to the landlord, and then I unpacked boxes and helped by making curtains, pillows for their new barstools they eat on now, etc. I made each granddaughter pillows for their beds too and bulletin boards to match. They each painted signs with their names on too so their rooms would be "coordinated". My dil is going to send me a picture when it's all assembled as Christmas came in the middle of it. Then I went home (Dec 28th) and then my dil had to have major surgery that she is still recovering from (so the curtains aren't up yet).

Here are pictures of the girls with their pillows: The first one is Brianna and then Amber.

It was so much fun to make the stuff for them-- we walked almost every day to the "Michael's Arts and Crafts Store" which was about a 15 minute walk. Then Joel and our sons Chris and Rob came and we went down to be there for our son Tom's commissioning into the Air Force.

Rob had to go home but Chris was able to stay -- Joel, Chris, & I took the girls and went to Disneyland on December 23. What a magical day it was.

This is Chris, me, Brianna and Amber waiting to get on the Carousel, our first ride the day we went to Disneyland. 

We all stayed through Christmas and then Joel and Chris went home Dec. 27th and I went home Dec 28th. A good time was had by all.